Charge Port Repair

Hi-tech offers mobile phones charging port repairing services for all kinds of cell phones. If your device is troubleshooting and giving repeated errors while putting on charging ports, or you have damaged the port etc, then we are here to help you.

Diagnosing charging port problems:

These charging faults usually occur due to these reasons, phone charge for short time periods, charger does not fit correctly, the phone is fully charged but eventually reduces afterward. Besides that, ports of mobile phones can be duty which blocks the circuit. you might be using low ampere of charger than required for battery.

Our skilled technicians will repair your mobile phone within a short span. We will call you, email you or ask you to wait after fixing your cell phone.

Damaged your charging port? We will provide cell phone repairing services

Services offered by us:

  • Before phone repair, we check whether port is loose or damaged.
  • Assist you in determining the power source of cell phone damage and fix it
  • Charger port of cell phone will be repaired even when every accessory founds defective.
  • Repair mobile phone charging port if power connector is troubleshooting