Charging Port Replacement Iverson Mall

When the mobile phone, laptop, and tablet get wear and tear, their charging ports start malfunctioning. However, we are one of the best mobile repair services in Iverson Mall that can troubleshoot your issue while fixing your phone with a new charging port.

Charging Port Problems We Come Across Everyday

Charging ports are prone to damage. Constant removal and connection of the charging cord to the port can damage the port. It can bend, break or damage the internal components of the charging ports. In addition to that, certain charging issues can also damage your charging port.

If your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet has stopped charging correctly, it’s about time that you contact us to get your charging port replaced or fixed.

Our expert technicians have the necessary training to replace and repair the charging ports of all phone models including Samsung and Apple products.

We Diagnose The Charging Port Issue Within Minutes!

Is your charging port troubling you? Either the charging port of your phone is damaged or dusty from all the dirt- blocking the connection. Benefit from our Iverson Mall phone repair service and get it repaired within 15 minutes.

Initially, our expert team conducts a diagnostic analysis of your charging port problem. If the phone still does not charge by removing the debris, we move on to repairing or replacing the charging port of your phone.

Repairing the Charging Port of iPhone 11 Pro At Our Iverson Mall Shop

  • Fixing the fast-charge feature of iPhone 11 Pro
  • Hassle-free and prompt charging port replacement using original/genuine Apple parts
  • Removing the broken charging cord from the charging port

Repairing The Charging Port of Samsung S20 Ultra

  • Repairing the 25 Watt-charger
  • Fixing charging glitches that occur in most of the Samsung phones
  • Replacement of broken charging port due to accidental drops

At HiTech Accessories and Phone Repair, we have the best samsung phone repair experts in Iverson Mall. Repairing your smartphone does not cost an arm and leg. Our mobile repair services are prompt, reliable, and affordable. Where other repair companies charge on the extent of damage, we have fixed competitive rates for our beloved customers.  Our highly-qualified technicians, original parts, and prompt repair services are what make us best among other mobile phone repair companies in Iverson Mall.

In case of further questions or to get a free quote, feel free to contact us.