IPAD Repair, At Your Service.

Does your iPad need repairs? We’ve got you covered. Our certified, on-demand professionals will have your iPad back up and running in no time. From broken screens to battery replacements and everything in-between, Hitechaccessoriesmd has the know-how and training to get the iPad repair done quickly and affordably—getting you back to all your beloved texting, browsing and calling. If you no longer love the iPad we Repair also gives you the option to swap your iPad with one of the numerous certified pre-owned devices that we have available in our stores.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common (and frustrating) mishaps with a iPad is a cracked screen. Rest easy, though, we’ve fixed thousands of cracked screens and the majority of screen repairs can happen same-day, often even while you wait.


Running out of battery without a charger nearby can render your iPad useless—fear not, though, we can help with that, too. We’ll test and replace your battery if there is a problem, have all the popular phone batteries in stock, which all can be fixed right in the store.

Water Damage

We can perform all the diagnostic tests needed if your iPad has water damage. From there, we can see the extent of the damage, clean the device, replace any parts, if necessary, and get you back on your way.


If your iPad suddenly sounds muffled, distorted or static-y, it’s time to pay us a visit. Head our way to see if the problem is caused by something as simple as lint or dust that needs to be cleaned out or if it’s a larger repair job for your speaker, which we can do in-store, costing you little time and money.

Charging Port

If the charging port on your iPad has stopped working, you can first try a wireless charger or check your device for dirt and debris. If you’re still having troubles getting your phone to charge, head our way for a diagnostic test to get to the bottom of the problem.