Water Damage Repair

Water damage can provoke minute and delicate problems in the internal structure of mobile phones. Did your mobile phone dropped in toilet, swimming pool, or split a glass of water on it, or enjoyed rain with your phone in pocket? Yeah, Hi-tech accessories know the world stops when your phone stops working.

Why choose us:

  • Effectively removes and vacuums the impurities which can affect processor
  • Cell phone repairing available for all kinds of phones, iPhone, Samsung and many other gadgets
  • We are open 24/7 to entertain your queries.
  • All services are available in competitive prices, means affordable.
  • The required accessories to fix the phone are of upgraded technology
  • Each component which can be affected due to damaging of processor needs replacement, Hi-tech will replace those accessories (after your consent) along with phone repairing.
  • Experienced and empathetic staff to entertain and serve the customers

How do we Serve:

Our proficient technicians at Hi-tech will fix your damaged mobile phones. In case of excessive damage, we can retrieve information of your cell phone as our main concern is customer satisfaction

Walk-in to our store or call us to get your cell phone repaired and witness paramount customer services.