Over the years with newly invented technology being made all around the world, Apple is a prime example of what it means to create outstanding technology. They are known for their products and different builds of various iPhones that have large amounts of customers & buyers around the world satisfied and hungry for more. But with their latest release the iPhone 13, some might not know why or what’s making them sell like hotcakes. Here are several simple iPhone features for the newest release that you should know about.

Camera Quality

Camera quality is a very important feature overall for people all over the world. To just get that cutting-edge & stunning photo or video is something people would die for and need. When it comes to influencers, vloggers, content makers, or even people who just post on a daily or weekly basis, they want their viewers and supporters to get that excitement and connect with them virtually while viewing their videos on youtube and liking their photos. But you might ask yourself, what makes the camera enhancement on the latest iPhone unique?. This brings us to their wider and larger camera sensor which is 1.7-micron pixels that can capture 47% more light, for even better low-light performance. This ultra-wider camera has similar specs to the iPhone 12, but Apple themselves say it is new as well. The 13 introduces a new Cinematic Mode for shooting videos. It can also shoot in Dolby HDR which can change focus even after shooting. Last but not least, the 13 Pro & Pro Max is installed with a 3x zoom (77m) which supports night mode as well.

Ultrawide camera has an f/1.8 autofocus and aperture, which the company themselves say improve low light performance by 92%. A standard 12MP camera is twice as bigger with 1.9-micron pixels equipped with an f/1.5 aperture which combines to an approximate 2.2x in low light, new lens array focuses as close in as 2cm, which will for magnificent and improved macro photos. Just like Hollywood from your phone, some might say.

Brighter Display & Eqquiped With Pro Motion

iPhone 13 has a new OLED display. Making the brightness go up to 800 nits (up from 625 from Iphone 12) with HDR content, going up to 1200 nits which is the same as the previous iPhone from last year the 12, but more enhanced. Apple themselves say their improved power utilization with these new displays will mean that they can hold peak brightness much longer than they used to from their previous designs (iPhone 12).

On the other hand, the 13 Pro & Pro Max goes an even higher level reaching an amount of 1000 nits. The Pro also supports ProMotion exactly like the iPad Pro is equipped with itself, including many variable refresh rates ranging from 10Hz to 120Hz.

Longer Battery Life

Having battery life is important for everyone especially when it comes to needing your mobile device for any emergencies or any important tasks, long-lasting battery is one of the very important things that should be equipped with your mobile device. It can be seen as a major obstacle in life for anyone in the ongoing busy world of today that would not like to deal with the inconvenience of a lifeless phone with no charge, think of it as being stuck on the side of the road with an empty gas tank and broken down vehicle. Could you imagine being in such a situation without a phone to call with?. While that might be the case for you, Apple announced that newer iPhone models have new larger batteries (A15) which claims to be more reliable. Giving the iPhone 13 mini and Pro 1.5 hours more battery life than the 12. But the iPhone 13 & Pro Max will be doubled by being given a max of 2.5 hours more battery life.

  • iPhone 13 mini: 17 hours
  • iPhone 13: 19 hours
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 22 hours
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 28 hours

Storage Space (GB)

Storage or GBS is known to be a main or important key for all technology devices from laptops to mobile phones and much more. It is an important piece of tech to have enough storage and is needed for space so people can store important documents and data safely & faster. The latest iPhone that has been released starts at 128GB also being added with 256GB to 512GB options listed. The Pro Max has a 1TB option as well.

Faster A15 (64-bit ARM-Based System)

Quick and responsive technology is what people need and want, it is something that is helpful for many people all over the world. For example, students in school, programmers, marketers, office workers, and much more need a responsive and quick system while using it. But when it comes to Mobile Devices, is the latest Apple phone efficient enough or reliable?. Apple claims the A15 is the fastest processor ever installed or in any smartphone itself. Which has a 6-core CPU, two high-performance cores, and is also equipped with four high-efficiency cores. Making it 50% faster. It is important to take note that iPhone 13 & mini models are equipped with only a 4-core GPU, and graphics will be better with the Pro & Pro Max models.