Imagine waking up on a beautiful early morning, you start by scrolling through your TikTok, Emails, etc. And now you finally climb out of bed, to get ready & take on your daily task. You head-on into the bathroom, to get ready to treat yourself with a hot soothing bath. But suddenly while you get ready to set or play your favorite tune, your phone has slipped right out of your hands right into the water. Pretty Devastating, Right?

As you pause for a quick moment out of shock, after what has happened. You might feel lost for words at the moment. But what if there is a chance your mobile device hasn’t fully turned off after touching the water? No worries, Here at HitechAccessories. We will provide the necessary tips & what to do when your mobile device has been dropped in water

How much water got inside of your phone?

After you overcome the fact or shock of your phone dropping into your bathtub, you might have also even tried to wipe off all visible water and give it a few shakes to get any remaining water out. But unfortunately, if you have dropped your device into a pool, bathtub, ocean water, etc. Simply shaking it won’t do the trick

You may also be thinking “will my phone ever function or power on again?” Let us answer your question. Yes and no.

You might now ask “why?” Nowadays smartphones have been designed to withstand being dipped in water for a limited amount of time. If you have happened to immediately pick up your phone after dropping it in water, it may or may not still be functional. Take note that, you should expect to most likely experience muffled speakers and a stuffy microphone. But if you have left it underwater for a long period of time, you will surely and most likely end up with a dead phone.

What should be done after you save your device from drowning?

After you retrieve your phone from your not so much relaxing bath, you are more than eager & ready to find out how bad the damage to your phone is. Will it need a costly repair? Is my phone now completely useless? Do not worry, we are here at Hitech Accessories, to provide information on what to do after your phone falls in the water

1. Turn it off

Whether you would like to admit it or not, simply turning off your phone when it runs into any issues is always something to have as a first option. Anyone who has been around or in use of electronics for quite some time knows that running a current through any wet electricity circuit will result in a problem that can sometimes be fatal to the person.

Phones that are made now will automatically shut off if they are submerged into water long enough. This does not mean you should turn it right back on after you recover it from the water. In another scenario, if your phone still remains on after taking it out of the water, we highly recommend powering it off to prevent any further damage to the phone and especially yourself.

2. Use the right cloth

The first thing you will need to do before proceeding to the next step we show down below. Is that you will need to pick out the right textured cloth which is soft, and will not bring additional damage to your smartphone by creating scratches. You can use the same cloth you use to clean your glasses with.

3. Wipe your smartphone

If your mobile device fell into a bathtub. With any other liquid other than water, such as shampoo or any product that was added to make it soapy. You should use a damp cloth. Start off by taking a damp lint-free, soft cloth and wipe over your phone until you are sure there is no liquid remaining.

After you clear, all the liquid. Wipe it again with a dry cloth

4. Take out removable parts/components & wipe them

The first thing you should remove while doing this step is removing your phone protective casing. Of course, you will need your device to dry out. After taking off the case, take out your sim card and the tray that holds it. Memory card. And if you are able, take out your phone’s battery. But nowadays with the way smartphones are made, there isn’t any easy access for someone to take out the battery of the phone.

Take Note: *Do not remove any component if you are inexperienced with phone repairing or something that will need the assistance of a phone technician. Such as removing the phone’s battery if it isn’t easy to reach.

5. Let it dry

If your phone shut down after being dropped into the water. Your phone’s components are probably wet and damaged.

After you wipe off the remaining liquid that is visible, put your phone and its parts in an absorbent towel and leave it in a cool & dry place. And now let it out to dry.

6. Power back on your smartphone

After trying all the steps we have provided and shown above this step will help you determine whether or not you need to pay us a visit at Hitech Accesorries with one of our trusted phone technicians. After you are sure your smartphone is dry. Which is probably the next day, place all the components back into their assigned place & turn on your device.

If your device turns on and works completely fine, congrats! But if it unfortunately doesn’t, we will highly recommend not plugging it in to charge. Because it may or may not, have still water remaining inside.

7. Check for issues

If you have successfully passed the steps and your smartphone turns on, don’t get happy just yet. It is now time to check for any technical issues that have followed after the liquid damage. You can check by testing your sound, camera, buttons, touchscreen, and even if there are any noticeable weird colors & lines on your screen.

8. Reach out to a phone technician at Hitech Accessories

Whether or not you notice any issue and your phone works or is unresponsive. It won’t hurt to visit one of our phone repair technicians and get your phone diagnosed. This is because some problems might not appear early, and you might deal with situations later on after worsening.

That is why we recommend stopping at Hitech Accessories, at Iverson Mall near Shoe City. For a liquid diagnostic check for free.