You broke your iPhone?. Relax, it happens to the best of us. And you aren’t the only one, plenty of people are breaking their iPhones every day. Some may have some metal to their casing, but glass plays a huge part in the interface, and glass is something delicate and pretty easy to break. Also, liquids are known to be an easy way to have someone end up with a broken iPhone as well. Or maybe your iPhone just decided to throw the towel in and stop functioning. But there are plenty of ways for a smartphone to die out, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the story for your old iPhone. There are some crafty and useful things you can do with your iPhone. Whether it is completely broken or just more damaged than you’d like or expect, we’ve got some options that should at least keep your broken iPhone from being a complete total loss. Tune in and learn how to make use of that old iPhone!.

Sell for parts

Your smashed, and cracked, iPhone might not hold much value or worth to you, but there are a pretty good amount of people out there willing to pay pretty decent money for it. While you can’t expect to sell it for the price of a working brand new iPhone, you can take a look on eBay and see that selling a non-functioning iPhone for parts can net you a decent sum you’ll be able to put towards the purchase of your replacement phone. Any buyer may be able to take whatever parts of your iPhone are still working, and put them into another damaged iPhone to get it working. You’ll want to make sure you are not selling your broken iPhone to anyone trying to steal your info after putting it up for sale. Yes, even a broken one, with your private information still on it, it can be vulnerable for data theft. If it is completely dead and you can’t delete any data or info on it, it might not be the greatest idea to sell. If you can wipe the hard drive, then, by all means, get out there and make some money.


If you want to get some eco-friendly points, you can recycle your dead iPhone. Sure, you might not make any money taking this route (you shouldn’t cancel it out completely), but you will be able to rest way easier without worrying about your data being stolen. An easier way to recycle your iPhone is to send it to Apple, which would help recycle 1.2 million iPhones every year.

A second option is to find an honest and legit recycling facility or ask your mobile service provider if they can handle the recycling part for you. With either of those options you end up choosing, you’re probably in safer hands than selling it on the Internet to some faceless buyer claiming to buy it for “parts” that are preying their next victim for his or her’s valuable information.

Keep it as a reminder/souvenir

You may consider just keeping the broken device around as a reminder for you to be very careful about repeating the mistake with your new phone you get as a replacement. You can also frame the broken phone or put it somewhere you’ll see it every time you leave the house or enter. Maybe put it on the kitchen table, so you see it at breakfast and dinner, reminding yourself of the mistake in the morning and congratulating yourself at the end of the day if you haven’t broken your new one

Use it for a fun experiment

This is for only if you got water in your phone, thereby frying the circuitry of your phone, but otherwise, it left the phone chassis perfectly intact just only not functioning with no power. If you haven’t perused any interest in drop test videos on the internet, it’s a good idea for you to check some out now, before you purchase a new smartphone. Drop tests give consumers a good idea and perspective of how durable a phone is before they buy it. You will test the phone from different common heights they’d fall from in the course of regular usage, like from waist-height and head-height, plus an extra-high fall just for a
good measure. A drop test won’t be useful in determining if the inside of the phone can and will survive the fall, you will only be able to show whether the case and screen can take a decent beating. If you have a paid YouTube channel, you may just be able to make a little bit of cash from it. Some drop test videos can get millions of views.

Emergency/Backup Phone

Your iPhone might be a bit busted up with just a simple cracked screen, you may want to replace it entirely for your everyday needs or just use it as a backup, but if it can still manage to make a phone call, don’t throw it away ust yet. If you transfer your SIM or service from the broken phone to a new phone, the old one should still be able to make calls to emergency services. You never know when that ability might come in handy. You can keep it stored in your car, on a boat, or even just anywhere that is convenient in your home. Wherever you think it might be handy to have an emergency line of communication, that’s where you can keep the damaged device in place. Or you can even check in with us at HiTechPhoneRepair DC for screen replacement.

Convert it into a server

Here’s a practical application for an iPhone that’s a little more dinged up than you’d like to deal with on a daily basis. If you’re a tech-savvy person and into tech, you can set the device up as a mini-server. There’s an iOS app called ServersMan already in the App Store that’ll help you with this and get it set up. This could be an easy and convenient way to give yourself access to any of your files while you’re on the go, in a rush, and even need quick access to them — which is especially handy if you end up replacing your broken iPhone with a device that doesn’t have as much local storage that you might need.