Laptops are an important and valuable piece of technology for people all around the world. Programmers, Marketers, Website developers, Doctors and so much more need the use of an everyday laptop for their daily tasks. Laptops provide a variety of different technical advantages whether it might just be sending a quick & important email, document, application, or even a photo (ID, Passport), etc. Laptops are something everyone should be grateful for having, but sometimes your laptop can have minor or major technical difficulties and you might not know how to fix them or where to get an affordable repair. Here you will find out several common laptop repair issues and how to fix them or even visit us at our local mobile repair store

1. Sound

Sound is very important when it comes to watching your favorite movie or listening/studying an online lecture for your next exam. But you would not be able to do that without your laptop having sound. If you have any issue with your device lacking in sound, this can be either speaker or mic-related. If you have seen that your volume levels are all the way up but still do not hear the sound from your laptop. This can be the sound of the laptop, either input or output, and will need the attention from one of our laptop repair specialists at our mobile repair facility at Hi-Tech Accessories & Phone Repair at Iverson Mall near Shoe City.

2. Unresponsive Screen

If you restart the system this can solve this problem sometimes. But constant freezing is stressful and can stop you from completing work, this can be due to many underlying issues. This can be because of an application causing the freeze of your hardware in the laptop, an example of that is a failing hard drive or faulty memory. If you have a failed hard drive, do not go any further into fixing it yourself and turn it in for a repair at Hi-Tech Accessories & Phone Repair.

3. Not powering on

If your laptop doesn’t show any sign of life and will not turn on, this can be very concerning. This can possibly mean that the charger cannot supply enough sufficient voltage to charge your laptop battery itself or the DC input (Jack ) has been damaged on your motherboard in your laptop, this problem should be left to the professionals themselves if you are required to remove the motherboard from the device and replace it. If so contact us or stop by for a checkup and repair as soon as possible.

4. Spills

Spilled your morning coffee while trying to stay awake? No worries, you aren’t the only one. It is known for people to spill coffee or water on their laptops by accident. This can be the result of placing your laptop in unsafe areas while not paying attention, suddenly spilling your hot coffee within a moment’s notice ruining your device. The best possible thing to do is to put your laptop upside-down so the liquid can seep out or clean the laptop quickly with a dry cloth to absorb as much moisture you can. But the best solution is to visit a laptop repair specialist or store such as Hi-Tech Accessories to get the job done professionally.

5. Constant Restarting

Nothing is more frustrating than being a couple of letters away from finishing an essay until suddenly your device restarts and doesn’t save any of it. If this is you and you would want to know why your device is restarting many times on its own, this can be caused by several different hardware problems or corrupt Windows system files. A problem like this will need the attention of a specialist or legit repair store.

6. Keys not working

Struggling to get several letter keys to work?. If you ever have a problem like this and is not related to dust caught in the keyboard but rather the keyboard itself is starting or eventually going to fail. You can check this by plugging in a USB keyboard to double-check if the keyboard is at fault and not your laptop’s motherboard. If the problem still goes on please stop by or contact Hi-Tech Accessories & Phone Repair at (301) 423-2900 for an immediate and affordable repair

7. Battery Problems

Your laptop can not get charged or charge very slowly due to having old batteries or faulty charging hardware. Take a look at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and locate the battery icon, over the battery icon there should be something to tell you the status of the percentage your device has charged to or if it is charging. Take note to check your power supply socket before taking any further steps or guessing that there is an issue with the battery or hardware in the laptop. If there is, you will need to replace the battery, but not by yourself if you don’t have any experience in repair. A repair consultant or specialist at Hi-Tech Accessories & Phone Repair to have a look at the issue himself is more recommended and safer.