A new phone comes out every year. They are packed with features and everyone fan is excited. Now, these new phones have better power and they certainly perform better than yours.

The question is: does it make sense to upgrade your phone every year? If not, when is the best time to upgrade?

Here are the reasons to upgrade:

  • Upgrade if the carrier will subsidizes part of the cost
  • Upgrade if you need better security
  • Upgrade if it cannot keep up with technology

If you upgrade every year, you have to spend maybe $500 to $1,000 annually. This keeps you up to date with the trends, and it is great if you have the financial capacity to do so.

But if you are leaning towards practicality, how often should you upgrade your phone? Let us discus the three main reasons to upgrade your phone if you are on a tight budget.

Upgrade if the carrier will subsidizes part of the cost

There are many carriers that pay for your phone. In exchange, you have to be locked in for two years. If you terminate your contract earlier than that, you have to pay for the cost of their phone so the carrier can recoup its lost.

The do this because they know that they will earn more money from your monthly payments even if you pay only a portion of the phone model.

If you love your carrier, and if it is going to subsidize up to 66% of the cost of a new phone, then by all means, upgrade every two years and pay a third of the phone’s cost.

Upgrade if you need better security

Every year, hackers find a way to get into various systems, and this includes your phone. If your phone is old and clunky, and cannot accommodate new security technology, upgrade your phone.

But wait, you should only do this if you use your phone in online transactions where your personal and financial information may be compromised. If you are just a casual texter, caller, and gamer, then there is no need to upgrade your phone.

There are, of course, some exceptions. If you are rich, a political figure, or if your phone holds secrets that cannot be told, like steamy photos, then please upgrade for security reasons.

Again, if your phone is nothing more than a pocket gaming machine and there is nothing in there that can be compromised, there is no need to upgrade for as long as the phone can still deliver.

Upgrade if it cannot keep up with technology

All phones have hardware that may, one day, not be able to keep up with new technology. Despite the fact that your operating system can be upgraded, there will be a time when your old phone cannot accommodate the new OS.

The same thing happens with games and apps. Sometimes, apps are made specifically for new operating systems, or higher versions of the old ones. If you cannot upgrade your operating system anymore, you cannot download and install these new games and apps.

This is crucial if you are a gamer, or if you use your phone for financial transactions or managing your employees, or if you are using it to conduct business. Upgrade your phone if the hardware can no longer support the programs you need to run your enterprise.


Upgrading a phone means you have to spend money. Before you buy a new one, think carefully if your money is better used somewhere else.

Upgrading a phone should be based on needs, not wants. Unless you have a lot of disposable money, you should only upgrade your phone if it is needed, not because there is a new model.