Motorola is back with its 2020 reboot of its flagship model, the Razr. Despite the failed first version in 2019, the second version is up and coming this year, and we can expect that the company has addressed the glaring flaws of the first one.

Or did they?

Dubbed as Razr 2 by fans, the new Motorola Razr model is expected to hit the market by late 2020. Word on the grapevine says that it is likely going to be released in September. If Motorola does this right, it might just be the best foldable phone out there.

If this is great, it can very well rival Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip models.

But what is inside the box?

What we have so far is a tentative price, but Motorola said that the specs of the new Razr will not be far from the first one. As far as specs changes are concerned, it is highly likely that Razr 2 is going to be compatible with 5G.

In the absence of specs, here are some things that people would love to see:

  • Better price tag – this phone is expected to sell at $1,500 and above. The Razr 1 is sold at the same price but it is currently on sale for $999.
  • Better processor – the 2019 model uses Snapdragon 710. This is a fine chipset, but it is mid-range. The thing is that for an expensive phone, this kind of chipset does not justify the price. The processor should be well within the 3 GHz processing capacity.
  • Better screen – the 2019 Razr uses pOLED screen instead of AMOLED. The resolution is at a disappointing 2,142 x 876. It was alright, but it cannot compete with the sharpness that both Apple and Samsung offer in their flagship models.

Leaks of the phone’s photo indicate that the new model is going to be a bit bigger than the first one. Giving an indication that the Razr 2 will look more rectangular if it is folded.

Analysts have predicted that the phone will have a 6.7-inch display if not folded, far from the 6.2 inches of its predecessor.

Word from Evan Blass tells us that the next Razr may stick with the 6.2-inch display. Evan is a certified leaker of sorts with a great track record of making predictions. He also said that Razr 2 will have a 48MP camera at the back and a 20MP camera at the front.

Accordingly, consumers will be happy that the phone will have a 256GB storage and will come in a different shade. The predecessor is available in black, but the Razr 2 is predicted to be released in Mercury Silver.

There are also talks about its batter getting a major upgrade. Rumor has it that the Razr 2 will have a capacity of 2,633mAh with a charging power of 18W. Both of these are certainly welcome upgrades from the first Razr that flopped in 2019. Better battery means you can enjoy your phone longer.

There is also speculation that the foldable phone will have as much as eight sensors. What this does is that it gives users more gesture control and more access to shortcuts. The good news is that this motion-sensor works even if the phone is closed.

Overall, Motorola fans are in anticipation of this new release. We hope that the new model is far better than its predecessor. The first smartphone Razr had a lot of things left to be desired. Hopefully, Motorola has seen these flaws and made the necessary corrections. If they did, then the price is surely justified.

The move to support BeiDou is new, and it is now being tested for the first time. And all of these are happening while the trade war between China and the US are intensifying. Chinese customers welcome this change.

What des this mean? It means that despite Apple moving its manufacturing out of China, it may still retain a good market share in the region because of its support for BeiDou.

While no one sure, it is likely that Apple is going to release four phone models in the iPhone 12 series. The release date is tentatively this September, and the announcement ay happen sooner than we think. A leak from a tipster said that the iPhones will have four models called 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are all happy and are anticipating this new release. They know that once Apple starts working with BeiDou, their iPhones will work faster and better through the BeiDou Navigation System.