Today, there are so many apps and games that require us to create an account—most apps are now cloud-based and we can only access our data if we log-in.

As such, this results in password issues—we forget them! So how are we going to fix this?

Today, let us take a look at some of the things you can do to manage your passwords without compromising your security.


You can jot down your passwords in a spreadsheet program like Excel. You can lock this spreadsheet if you want. What you can do is to store this spreadsheet in your computer, a USB, or an external hard drive. You can also store it in the cloud such as in Dropbox or Google Drive.

The problem with hard drives is that they are not reliable. They may crash and you will lose all your data. What you can do is to back up this file in three ways—cloud, hard drive, and your computer.

Use Google Password Manager

If you are in the android universe, Google has a password manager that you can use to store all your passwords. It remembers your passwords and will also automatically change if you change your passwords.

The way it works is that every time you log in to an app or a website, the Google password manager will jot down that website in the backend. As you type your password, it will ask you if you want to remember your password for that.

You can also access the tool and make some changes if you want. For example, if you do not want Google to remember your password for a particular website, you can always go to the dashboard and delete that information.

Another great thing about Google Password Manager is that it can remember several accounts for the same website. So, let us say that you have two accounts for a software like WordPress, Google will give you a dropdown in the log-in details of that website.

If you are on that website, the Google password manager will let you choose which username to use. And then, the password will automatically fill for you.

Last Pass

This is one of the most popular password protection apps in the world. It is a free app, but the free version will only allow you to have basic services. The app using high-level encryption, and it can also work in your browsers, not just apps.

What does it do?

It stores your passwords and online shopping credentials in one place. For it to work, you must always be logged in to the LastPass system. Each time you visit a website or app, it is LastPass that is going to fill the username and passwords for you. If you use another phone and then log-in to LastPass, it will still remember all your passwords.

The LastPass system highly recommends that you use a 2-factor authentication system, not for the passwords for the websites but only for the app. If you log in to LastPass and you initiate a code to your phone, it tells LastPass that it is really you trying to log in.


Passwords are important. You should never lose one, or you may have a hard time retrieving it. The best thing that you can do is to use a password manager—these apps are safe, especially so if you are using Google.

Also, you should never forget the password for your email. Whatever it is that you are using as an email, you must never forget how to log in from there. It is not really wise to use a 2-factor authentication—do not use your phone for password protection because if you lose your phone, you will never be able to retrieve your password.