A broken screen is one of those problems where you just feel helpless. It is the end of your phone’s life, and your immediate reaction is to buy a new one.

But wait, there are certain steps to fix this problem, depending on your situation and the actual damage to your Android phone. Let us take a look at a few of these solutions and see if you can remedy this problem before shelling out another$600 for a replacement.

Check if your phone is still under warranty

Manufacturers of Android phones offer warranties, especially for high-end models. Many Android phones come with a warranty of two years, but these warranties vary in coverage.

The first thing you have to do is to hit up the manufacturer, and then find out if your broken screen is covered. If it is, you have to send your phone to them, and they will fix it.

Is it free?

Not really. Warranties can only cover so much damage, and a broken screen is not one of those situations where you get free service. You see, an Android phone that has a broken screen indicates misuse or neglect. As such, the phone was in working condition and is not defective, so your warranty coverage is limited.

Prepare to pay around $270 to cover for the costs. The manufacturer is going to replace that broken screen. After a week or so, you would receive your phone in pristine condition.

While it is true that the cost of repair from a manufacturer is more expensive than third-party repair shops, you can rest assured that the job they do is first-class.

Ask yourself if you paid for insurance

If your Android phone is Samsung, then you may have paid for insurance without knowing it. Samsung has an insurance program called Samsung Protection Plus. Most people who buy this program are users of the Galaxy models as they are expensive.

The cost of this insurance is between $99 and $129. If you are covered, then call the manufacturer and ask for instructions how to proceed. It is likely that they would ask you to ship the phone tothem, and they would repair it and ship it back to you.

The cost? Roughly only $79. This is a deductible that you have to pay for every incident. If you are covered by this insurance, you are covered for up to two accidental damages per year.

Take it to a repair shop

This is a great option of you are near one. Or, you can look for repair shops online and ship the phones to them.

Repair shops accumulate all types of phones that cannot be repaired anymore. A lot of these phones still have working screens, waiting to be housed in a new phone. Prepare to shell out about $100 to get your phone fixed.

Walmart is known to have repair shops, so you might want to try that first. The cost if the repair at Walmart is about $120.

The benefit of going to a third-party repair shop is they can fix your phone in less than a day. Some can even fix it in an hour. As such, you can shop ay Walmart while they are fixing your phone.


Do not throw your phone away even if the screen is broken. A broken screen does not mean that the parts inside are also broken. Despite having corning and gorilla glass for a screen, it is still glass.

The good news is that the glass is merely a display window, and it has nothing to do with the internal parts if it is broken. If this happens, choose from the three options above, have your phone fixed, and have the same phone as you always did.