An iPhone is an expensive investment. No matter how well a technological device is put together, everything has a lifespan. Most especially so for the battery—you have to buy a new one if you have observed that you have been charging more often lately.

So, when do you need a new iPhone battery?

Here are some things to consider:

  • You are past 500 charge cycles
  • Your battery is swollen
  • Your phone keeps shutting down
  • Your phone’s performance is sluggish

By the end of this tutorial, you should be ready to check your iPhone and find out if you now need a new one.

You are past 500 charge cycles

According to Apple, the average life cycle of a battery is 500 charges. But how do you know? Well, we can just assume that you charge once a day, so 500 charges is one year and about nine months.

The iPhone’s battery is optimal if the maximum possible charge capacity is at 80%. Over time, the battery’s capacity to store power gets lower. You can check this on the settings > battery health. If the maximum capacity is already at 79%, your battery needs replacement.

Your battery is swollen

Yes, batteries swell. If your battery has outgrown your phone casing, it is time to replace it. Now, you do not have to wait until the battery has grown really big. For as long as you feel a lump t the back of your phone, you need to take to an Apple store and have it replaced.

Before the battery swells, you may see some symptoms like a hazy white screen. You may also see observe that the battery seems to be separating from the phone’s casing. If your screen seems to move if you pinch it, it also means that your battery has grown in size and needs replacement

Your phone keeps shutting down

Electronic devices need power, and the source of power is the battery. Sometimes, your phone may shut down even if you have just charged it recently. Phones do this because the batter is no longer in great shape.

What happens is that the battery is no longer saving power, but your phone’s programming still thinks that it does. As such, you think your phone is charged but in reality, the battery no longer has the capacity to save power.

In other cases, the battery has physical defects already, and while it can still charge, it the battery drains quickly.

Your phone’s performance is sluggish

Electronic devices need power to work. The more complex the task is, the more power it needs. This is why computers, specifically bitcoin miners, use too much electricity.

The same principle applies to phones. They need a lot of juice to work. If your phone is sluggish, it is a sign that your battery needs a replacement. The battery can no longer support the power required by the phone. As such, the phone programming itself may power off some apps just to make your phone work—but sluggishly.


iPhones are great. But any device has a lifespan. Thanks to technology, we can now save everything in the cloud. If your battery runs out and you decide to completely replace your phone, you still have your data.

Now, if you need a new iPhone battery, you must only use what is approved by Apple, and you should only get one from an Apple store. Do not entrust your device to non-accredited service providers. Lastly, do not buy cheap Apple battery knockoffs. The last thing you want is an exploding device!